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Marshmallow Flower

Each year our gathering cycles through thematic elements to explore our relationship with sacred rhythms and universal patterns. The theme for Gaia 2023, “Nourishing Joy: A Journey from Root to Nectar” invites us to tap into the subterranean depths and explore pathways to our open hearts.

We gather to tend to ourselves, each other, and the Earth, knowing our own healing is intertwined with the healing of all. Through this journey, our vital energy rises from the roots and emerges like sweet nectar, feeding and enlivening our community through creative expression, joyful pleasure, and shared celebration. 

The plant ally that we’ll be dancing with this coming year is the gently powerful Marshmallow, Althea officinalis. Rooted in moist soil with flowers that are especially loved by pollinators, Marshmallow facilitates sustaining nourishment and soothes our inner terrain. Marshmallow root invites ease and openness, offering both immediate repair and lasting change for patterns of inflammation. Sweet, softening, emollient Marshmallow reminds us how to take deep care and enjoy sweetness with friends!


We need joy as we need air.

We need love as we need water.

We need each other as we need the Earth we share.


-Maya Angelou

Marshmallow Flower
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