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We explore what it means to gather with care and intention. These Affinity Circles are formed by our community to create points of connection. They are circles held within the whole as places for rest, play, curiosity, and kinship.


Artemis’ Garden is a space held and co-created for and with our younger Gaians, ages 6 to 17. An inviting space to relax, play, gather, be alone in company, create, talk and feel into their truest selves. Artemis’ Garden nourishes possibility and connection for the youth, creating a locus for community and belonging.

Babies, children and teens are valued members of the Gaia community. We welcome you to bring your kids with these considerations in mind: 

  • Artemis’s Garden is a space for children and families to play, explore, rest, and have as their “home base” during the Gathering. While there will not be continuous childcare, we will be available to care for children ages 6-10 during workshop sessions.

  • There will be classes geared towards children and teens during each workshop session.

  • Some parents choose to leave their toddlers and young children with a care-giver in order to fully immerse in the weekend retreat. We ask that you contemplate your and your child's needs before deciding to bring them with you. 

  • Please come to Artemis’ Garden when you arrive on Friday to meet the team and get more information for parents and children.

Artemis Garden


An intentional community within Gaia that is created for BIPOC women, by BIPOC women.  A circle within the circle. The goal of this space is to be a container for community building, collaboration, nourishment and rest. Camping and Indoor lodging is available close to this cozy indoor space.



You are all invited to Oasis, an outdoor living room space where you will find adaptogen teas, a small fire circle, and room to stretch and move. Oasis is a space oriented toward open hearted empathy, connection, learning, vulnerability, curiosity and tenderness. It is also a place to go when misunderstandings, conflicts, discomfort or feelings of isolation arise- there will be someone here who can listen with compassion for all. 

Oasis is hosted by Renee Harcum who has 17 years of training and 10 years of teaching Non-Violent Communication with a focus on examining and dismantling supremacy culture and creating a world that cares for all. Renee will be offering facilitated conversations focused on understanding microaggressions, inclusion, and belonging.

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