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This lovely weekend event happens in May, a glorious time to be in Virginia!

From late Friday through end of the day Sunday, you'll find women engaged in workshops, singing & laughing around the central fire, finding support in The Oasis, shopping in our community marketplace, and feasting on delicious meals. We will be outdoors in sacred circles, building friendships by the river and creating a village of support for children & elders.


Join us for a deeply nourishing weekend connecting with the land and experiencing the possibilities available when we re-member ourselves as resilient beings capable of greatness!



In order to gather this year, health & safety must be a priority for the entire Gaia community. 

Planning an in-person event in 2022 means that we will be holding a strong standard of Safety. We will continue tracking and following the most up-to-date local public health data & recommendations in order to build a solid plan that considers the care of our most vulnerable members.

Update as of March 16, 2022:

With case counts receding in Albemarle County, we are planning an in-person, outdoor gathering. There will be clear protocols that you will be expected to follow. We plan on updating this site and releasing an official Covid Policy prior to the 4/16 cancellation deadline. We will be establishing practices and values to build a culture of care, respect & safety for all. This policy will include:

  • Masking: Masking will be required for indoor spaces & when social distancing isn't possible. Programs, workshops and meals will be held outdoors. 

  • Hand-washing: There will be dedicated wash stations to promote frequent handwashing.

  • Meals: The delicious meals will be prepared by our professional Kitchen Staff in the Camp Lodge. How we handle dishes and serving location is still being determined.

Your agreement to our Safety Policies are required for Registration.



Babies and children are treasured members of the Gaia community. We welcome attendees to bring their children with these considerations in mind: While we provide a space and classes for youth ages 6 - 16, we do not provide childcare. There is a river that runs through Camp Albemarle and poses a real safety concern for young children. Some mothers choose to leave their toddlers and young children with a care-giver in order to fully immerse in the weekend retreat. We ask that you contemplate your and your child's needs before deciding to bring them with you. Please remember that every body needs to be registered for the event so look for the appropriate ticket when Registering.


We are blessed to be able to connect so deeply with the beautiful land at Camp Albemarle. Care should be taken around the edges of the property as Poison Ivy is present. We will provide daily reminders but ask that you come prepared for a weekend outdoors and practice regulars tick checks during your stay.

Thank you for centering these important Safety considerations!



This gathering is fueled by the collaborative work of many hands. Please consider joining the Gaia crew in exchange for a discounted ticket price. Common areas of support include setting up and breaking down on the tail ends of the event, parking support, helping with food prep and clean up in the kitchen, physical tasks around the site and providing support to teachers and staff.

Work Trade is available in 4 hr or 8 hr commitments, and will receive a ticket discount of $50 off and $100 off, respectively.  Shifts are 2- 4 hours at a time and mostly won't overlap with workshops & other programming.


Work Trade Positions are full for 2022. 

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