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The Gaia community explores possibilities of what it means to gather with intention. With core values of reciprocity, connection & care, we're continuing to weave these baskets of support for the event. 


The Gaia Gathering is an annual women's herbal gathering in Central Virginia. We gather at a rustic retreat center from Friday afternoon through Sunday midday for healing, wisdom sharing, creative expression, and celebration.


We co-create our community in sacred circles, engaging workshops, and a robust marketplace of vendors and practitioners. We sing around the fire, connect in affinity circles, explore forest paths, eat delicious meals, sip herbal teas, and relax into the beauty of mutual support and collective nourishment.  Here, you may find yourself tending old friendships, making new connections, and experiencing the magic of time out of time.


Join us for a deeply nourishing weekend of reconnection with ourselves, the land, and each other. 


Artemis’ Garden is a space held and co-created solely for our younger Gaians, ages 6 to 16. Intended to be a special place where they can come relax, play, gather, be comfortable, feel shy, create, talk, be their truest selves, and whatever else the moment brings, Artemis’ Garden is a circle all their own nestled within the larger circle of Gaia. 


Dear youngsters,

You can look forward to things like an ongoing book swap and altar building, games, art supplies, cozy chill spaces, and classes nearby. There will also be active co-collaboration in creating and building a space and community that truly feels like it belongs to you! Can’t wait to meet you.

- Meg & co.

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