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Much of the information you will need can be found throughout the website. Once you are registered for the event you will receive a detailed welcome packet with further information, a schedule and suggested packing list. If you have a question or are just curious about what Gaia is like explore these FAQ.

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The Gaia Gathering is an annual women's herbal gathering in Central Virginia. We gather at a retreat center from Friday afternoon through Sunday midday for a weekend of connection, wisdom sharing, creative expression and celebration.


We co-create our community in sacred circles, engaging workshops, and a robust marketplace of vendors and practitioners. We sing around the fire, connect in affinity circles, explore forest paths, eat delicious meals, sip herbal teas, and relax into the beauty of mutual support and collective nourishment. 


Here, you may find yourself tending old friendships, making new connections, and experiencing the magic of time out of time. Enjoy a unique and deeply nourishing weekend of reconnection with self, land and community. 


How do I buy a ticket?

When registration opens, read through all our ticket options and registration info, then follow the directions to register.

What does my ticket include?

All tickets include: Camping, Meals (Friday dinner through Sunday lunch), and a full weekend of nourishing programming. More can be learned on the Event Info page.

Is there a way to carpool?

Yes! Join this cool carpool list to link up with others coming from your area. Offer a ride or join a waitlist to enjoy the beauty of ride sharing to Gaia!

What if I can't afford a ticket?

We have created a sliding scale of ticket options with a focus on equity, accessibility and sustainability. Our goal is to keep ticket prices as low as possible while maintaining financial stability for the Gathering. If our ticketing options still present financial barriers to you in attending the Gathering, take a look at the Work Trade Application or be in touch by email to discuss other arrangements: Attn: registration.​

Can I come just for one day?

We do not offer day tickets and strongly encourage everyone to stay throughout the weekend if they can. For those staying off-site, the earliest morning programs typically start at 6:30a with morning circle and breakfast beginning at 7:30a. Programming ends around 8:30p with evening festivities lasting until 10:00p.

Do you issue refunds?

Please read through our current Cancellation, Ticket Transfer & Refund policies here.

What is a women's gathering?

This event is a gathering organized by and for all women. This includes female-identified, trans-feminine, genderqueer and cis women. The immense sense of safety, empowerment and joy experienced in a women's space has ripple effects far beyond this one weekend. 

Can I bring my pet?

No. Our host venue does not allow pets unless they're certified service animals and are needed for accessibility reasons. Thank you for respecting this policy.

What should I bring?

A suggested packing list will be provided in your welcome packet once you register. In general, comfortable clothing with weather-specific layers, camping equipment, a notebook and anything you need for your comfort and well-being. Other fun ideas include desserts to share, an offering for the community alter, and celebratory garments for the Saturday night ceremony.

What are the lodging options?

Please read through all of the options now available in our new venue!

What if I am not comfortable camping?

What are the meals like?

This is the first year that Gaia organizers will not be providing meals. Nourishing meals are provided  by Seven Oaks retreat center from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. Examples menus are:

Breakfast: Yogurt/Granola Bar, Spinach and Feta Frittata, Turkey Sausage, Oatmeal, Roasted Potatoes/ Home-fries

Lunch: Salad Bar, Tomato Soup, Tuna Salad, Spanikopita, Bread+Butter

Dinner: Pasta with Marinara and/or Alfredo, Italian Chicken, Sauteed Spinach and garlic Roast Veg (Squash and onion, Broccoli and Bell pepper, etc).

Can you accommodate my food allergies?

During Registration we will collect your meal preferences and allergies to relay to Seven Oaks. Please note that the kitchen can provide Gluten Free options but cannot ensure Celiac-GF safety. If you have an Anaphylactic food allergy, please note that during registration and get in touch with us on how best to support you.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes. Meals are included in the ticket price, but you are welcome to bring food to support your dietary needs. Many of the building have refrigerators and kitchenettes for your use, we just ask that you clean up after yourself. Just know: meal times in the dining areas are exciting times with a raffle and announcements. 

Can you support my accessibility needs?

We want Gaia to be an accessible gathering and are happy that our new venue has more available in these areas: Reserved indoor lodging in the ADA-compliant house; Ramps and an elevator in The Lighthouse building; Some paved paths in the common areas.

Challenging areas we want to provide accommodations around: The indoor dining hall is on a 2nd floor only accessible by stairs; Many of the outdoor common areas are accessed via a well-tended grassy campus.

If you have any accessibility need, please note that during registration and get in touch with us on how best to support you.

Can I bring my kids?

Yes! Babies, children and teens are valued members of the Gaia community. We welcome you to bring your kids with these considerations in mind: 

  • Artemis’s Garden is a space for children and families to play, explore, rest, and have as their “home base” during the Gathering.

  • While there will not be continuous childcare, we will be available to care for children ages 6-10 during workshop sessions.

  • There will be classes geared towards children and teens during each workshop session.

  • Some parents choose to leave their toddlers and young children with a care-giver in order to fully immerse in the weekend retreat. We ask that you contemplate your and your child's needs before deciding to bring them with you. 

What if I need to be alone?

Free time is built into our abundant schedule and you are absolutely welcome to choose what you need from your time at Gaia. Seven Oaks is an incredible place to explore- forest paths, a labyrinth and the Rapidan River, there are no shortage of areas to get a rest from people. 

Where do I go for help during the weekend?

When in doubt, go to the registration table. Depending on your need, you may be directed to the first aid area, Oasis, or to speak with a staff member.

How can I support Gaia?

So glad you asked :D This is an entirely volunteer-lead event that relies on community support! Please consider becoming a sponsor or donating any amount to our equity fund. Perhaps you have a skill to pitch in or an item to put towards our fundraising raffle? Options of all kinds abound, Learn more here.

How do I share my past photos, memories and testimonials?

Please do! Gaia is in its 13th year, there are life-changing stories and incredible photos tucked away. Please find them and share here!


How to I sign up to teach or suggest a workshop topic?

Stay tuned during the winter months when we are accepting Workshop Proposal Applications. You are welcome to suggest a teacher or topic any time on the Contribute your Voice page.

Can I vend at the Gaia Marketplace?

Yes! Our marketplace is solely comprised of teachers, staff and participants of this event. Read more and apply here.

Have a question not answered here or anywhere else on the website?

Contact us at

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