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Our bountiful marketplace showcases local artisans and is a wonderful place to shop for herbal medicine, crafts, artwork and plants to bring home to your gardens.  

The 2023 Gaia Marketplace application
process is closed for this year

All vendors must be registered participants of this event. Please familiarize yourself with the details below before submitting your application.

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We are seeking vendors of handmade goods and nourishing services.


Bring the medicine! Handmade herbal products such as salves, oils, tinctures, tea blends, bath bombs, and all the creative herbal goodies.



This gathering is full of plant people! Plants and seed of medicinal, culinary, perennial and flowering plants are honored guests at Gaia. 



Handmade products such as pottery, textiles, baskets, original artwork, ceremonial items, books, jewelry, and more.



We are excited to announce the expansion of the marketplace to include more services! We invite body workers, hairstylists, face painters, and healers to share their gifts with our community.



Gaia staff, participants, and children love the herbal sweets, beverages, desserts, ferments, preserves, and baked goods!

Vendor Requirements


Please familiarize yourself with the details before submitting your application. Read below or download the PDF here. Please reach out if you have any questions to


  • A prominent marketplace in a beautiful venue.

  • 150 community members who value local business, herbal medicine and hand-crafted goods.

  • A dedicated camping area close to the marketplace (optional).

  • Support with unloading & loading your gear.

  • Your business listing in our event program.

  • Wifi for your payment apps (new this year!)


COME TO GAIA! All vendors must be registered participants of this event. Only apply if you intend on registering and attending. Notify us if you need to cancel to make space for others.

SELL YOUR OWN GOODS: Products sold in the marketplace must be made by you and/or your personal business. 

VENDORS FEE: A sliding scale fee of $20 - $50 is due by the closing of the event. We have ended the percentage-of-sales and instead ask: if you had a bountiful weekend, please consider contributing to The Gaia Equity Fund which provides lower ticket price opportunities to our community.

BRING WHAT YOU NEED: Vendors are responsible for bringing what they need, including a marketplace tent (10' x 10' or 12' x 12') and tables or product stand. Our suggested list includes: a cash box, a tarp with clamps for protection during rain & night, clear signs for pricing, business cards, mailing list sign-up sheets, totes for storage and transportation tablecloth and anything else to beautify your vendors space.

MARKETPLACE SET UP: Our new venue will host the Marketplace on and around the lower porch of The Lighthouse Building (See photos). The available spaces include:

  • 4 private outdoor spaces for services with a max of 12 x 12 tent space

  • 12 vending spaces with 10' x  10' space to set up your market tent.

  • 7 covered porch spaces for weatherproof items such as live plants. Spaces are 3' x 6'

  • 2 indoor tables for fine arts and weather sensitive items

SALES: We are excited to finally be able to offer wifi for payment devices and apps! Vendors often use an honor system for their products while workshops are in session. This is done by clearly marking prices and having both a cash box and/or digital payment methods posted. You are welcome to tend your booth as you like.

RAFFLE DONATION: We ask our vendors to donate an item to our fundraising raffle or auction. Please let us know what you will contribute. Items will be collected upon arrival on Friday. Proceeds benefit the Gaia Equity Fund which supports lower ticket price opportunities to our community.

IF BRINGING FOOD: Be sure to follow food safety practices in your preparations, display and storage. Bring any coolers, ice, containers and serving materials needed for your goods. Do not bring any intoxicants including alcohol or cannabis edibles. For food safety information, refer to page 9 in The USDA Farmers Market Operating Guidelines

IF PROVIDING SERVICES: If you are providing any service that includes body work, you must hold a current certificate, license or tax-compliant business in your field. We encourage sliding scale payment models. To support your offering, consider having a sign-up schedule that shows your availability. 

MARKETPLACE HOURS: (Schedule still under review, times are subject to change)

  • Set up begins at 2:00pm on Friday 5/5.

  • Please arrive promptly, have your items unloaded, and your vehicle moved to the parking area by 4:00pm. 

  • The Marketplace is open for the duration of the event. Meals and free times are when most people are shopping. You are welcome to tend your booth as you see fit.

  • You can begin packing out after closing circle (currently estimated as Sunday at 12:00pm).

  • Full departure from the site is required by 2:00pm on Sunday 5/7.

LEGAL COMPLIANCE: As a non-profit organization we seek a healthy balance between being both radical and legally compliant. We ask you to include sales-tax in your prices and follow FDA & USDA guidelines in the making of your products. 

Thank you for reading through and familiarizing yourself with our agreements. Reach out if you have any questions:

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