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The Gaia Gathering is made possible by the dedication and contributions of many hands, minds and hearts. See what baskets currently need tending and reach out to learn more!  Email us with your inquiries and a brief letter of introduction to

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Filling an immediate need to manage Gaia's sponsorship coordination and fundraising development. Seeking an enthusiastic team member to manage this years outreach and nurture community connections.


Position Overview:

  • Filling an immediate need to support the fundraising goals of the 2023 Gaia Gathering, primarily sponsorship coordination. Our primary goal of fundraising is to establish a scholarship fund to increase affordable access to the gathering. 

  • We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic to help with the further development of the fundraising coordinator position. This is a collaborative role and we are in the process of forming and solidifying a team.

  • This is currently a volunteer position that requires a desire to grow our community gathering.  As our organization grows we are hoping to develop this into a paid position that will further the goals of our new non-profit status. Position includes full registration to the gathering and other staff perks.

Roles & Responsibilities:



  • Views fundraising as cross-pollination.

  • Seeks to nurture community connections.

  • Awareness of the importance of this outward facing role and representing Gaia’s mission of creating an equitable and inclusive space.



  • Work with the fundraising team to develop leads for sponsorship, donations and support.

  • Contact potential organizations and individuals to seek support and build relationships.

  • Work with marketing team to promote our sponsors.

  • Collaborating with our event programming team to find ways to highlight sponsors during the event, including creating and setting up a sponsorship table.


Research & Development:

  • Maintaining a database of donors and information.

  • Analyze both quantitative and qualitative data to make recommendations on future development areas.



  • Confidence in verbal and written communications.

  • Experience with utilizing technology such as Zoom, Google workspace and database management software is preferred.

  • Willingness to engage with a wide range of community members, business and organizations.

  • Comfortable working in highly collaborative team environments.


Time commitment: 

  • Position starts in early January, is steady throughout Winter & Spring, culminates during the May weekend event and wraps up soon afterwards .

  • Attending bi-weekly meetings with the Fundraising Team.

  • Managing communications by email, phone, snail mail, zoom and in person.


  • This role is a volunteer position that requires a desire to grow our community gathering. Position includes full registration to the gathering and other staff perks.

Apply ASAP Please send a brief letter of introduction to 

Sponsorship Coordinator
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